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Campbell Jr.

Galaxy Science Fiction March 1952

Interested in writing, he sold his first science fiction story to F. He continued to publish pulp stories through Astounding in , but slowly branched out to other magazines, such as Thrilling Wonder Stories , eventually publishing under his own name. From there, he was deployed overseas to the Pacific Theater of Operations, where he likely saw action in the South Pacific.

His experiences left him with a strong case of agoraphobia, a type of anxiety that left him unable to leave his Manhattan apartment for much of his later life.

Discharged in at the end of the War, he returned home and resumed his work, conducting his work over the phone. In the post-War publishing field, Astounding Science Fiction was losing its lead to competition and, as editor John W. Not prophecy, but fictional surmises based on present factors, scientific, social, political, cultural or whatever. Simak noted that he had finished up a novel, Time Quarry , which Gold bought and began publishing from the first issue. Galaxy appeared in October as a monthly publication.

It paid far better than its competitors, and Gold proved to be a far better editor than his counterpart at Astounding. With Gold at the helm, Galaxy Science Fiction began to change the tone of the genre. Astounding had taken advantage of the scientific rush that followed the development of the atomic bomb, and the resulting doomsday stories that followed. The volume of high-quality material continued over the course of the s. Around the same time, Gold began calling Alfred Bester , asking for some work, eventually wearing him down to the point where Bester came up with a series of ideas that became his first novel, The Demolished Man.

The first installment started in January , and continued through March. The novel was an immediate hit, and in , it earned the first ever Hugo Award for Best Novel. Like Campbell, Gold knew exactly what he wanted in a story and worked frequently over the phone with his group of authors as they wrote their stories, often making sweeping changes, sometimes to the irritation of the authors.

Duel: Terror Stories by Richard Matheson(Book Review)

The shift in tone represented where the genre was headed. Facing a decline in the magazine market, Gold changed the title of the publication to Galaxy Magazine , and put in further changes to help cut costs, bringing the magazine from a monthly schedule to a bimonthly one in In , the company that owned Galaxy, Digest Productions, picked up a second magazine, IF , which Gold began to edit alongside Galaxy.

The editorship of Galaxy passed from H. Gold to Frederik Pohl and then to Ejler Jakobsson during the s. Forgotten Sci-Fi Classics. Galaxy's Isaac Asimov Collection Volume 2. Galaxy Science Fiction November Galaxy Science Fiction October Galaxy Science Fiction July Should he give an ex-comrade to the torturing Lhrai or chance the massacre of Terrestrial thousands?

Ismail, the Outworlder. Gunner Cade. Gunner Cade, a professional soldier of the Realm of Man, is captured by rebel forces on Mars but escapes, only to find that he is being hunted by fellow gunners. Close to pure horror, this story has all of the classic themes of man's inhumanity to man and monster within that is released when one's existence is threatened.

Robert A. Heinlein - Short Fiction-

Here, Mars is an unattainable goal. Catch That Martian. Maybe it's just as well that you don't have the power this character possessed! A war has sterilized all human females on Earth.

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An expedition is mounted to Mars in the hopes of finding humanoid females there who are interfertile. In reality, the Martians are blobs who can project their thoughts. Men on Mars. If the woman in this story weren't a Martian, the story would just be a cautionary tale against domestic abuse. A short short story about the duplication of a blessed event, this time on poor, old, polluted, depleted Mars. From Mars comes the wonder-drug Marcillin and a selfish plot by Earthly monopolists to corner the market on this precious new commodity.

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A science fiction story about writing science fiction stories. The main character, who is the author, and a Martian collaborate to write six science fiction stories set on Mars. The Martian Way. The Brain-Stealers of Mars. Bradbury-like story of a strange interstellar dreamer who lays in wait on Mars for unsuspecting explorers from Mars and whose dreams he makes real. The Biological Revolt.